My search for timber involves much travelling to various parts of Victoria and NSW. Many species of acacia & eucalypt are found in the Yarra Valley. Redgum logs are sourced from the Riverina and old fence posts are recycled from many parts of Melbourne. The fence posts are not always Redgum. Sometimes I find Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Bloodwood and Cyprus Pine. As more plantation timber is used in place of the Redgum, so the variety of old fence posts changes.

Workable pieces of Buloke are more difficult to find, but I am still able to source some from the Mallee district..
A great deal of time is spent looking for trees & stumps which have succumbed to the elements- fire, termites, or drought as my philosophy is to not destroy any living trees, but to give them new life through my work.

Sometimes I am unable to salvage timber for myself for specific tasks. I then turn to the growing trade of portable mill operators who specialize in salvaging timber from the gardens around Melbourne. Many exotic species as well as native timbers are available in this manner.

My preference is to work with the native timbers as this showcases the best of our timbers to the rest of the world.