The Artist

RodI began carving as a hobby in the early 1990’s after spending 20 years designing & making furniture from solid timber & cane, Since picking up that first chisel almost 20 years ago the craft has become an all consuming passion & a never ending learning curve for me.

I am never completely satisfied. I know there are always improvements to be made. There is a never ending search for new ideas & forms. New ways of creating that ever elusive idea in the back of your mind.  Commissions are challenging in that they help develop  new idea or concept, or else they hone old fashioned traditional skills of the past.

My home and workshop are situated in the foothills of the Dandenongs and on the edge of the Yarra Valley. I only need to glance from my windows to spy the myriad of native birds & other wildlife that visit our gardens.
Customers: My carving entails designing for galleries, corporate & private customers, as well as components for furniture and cabinet makers.

Work style

My preferred method of creating the form in my carvings today, is using  a range of power tools. Some are made specifically for wood carving others are adapted  for the purpose. Some I have made up specifically for me. I also use a range of  traditional carving chisels as well as adapting tools from other crafts.

I prefer freeform or stylized work as it lends itself to greater freedom & creativity, but I find increasingly I am incorporating  more detail into this freeform.